We are a premier garment vendor specializing in delicate categories such as blouses, shirts, dresses, and more.
With production bases in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia, we excel in delivering top-quality garments to customers around the world at competitive prices.
  • 40+ years of dedication to apparel manufacturing
  • Multiple production bases in Southeast Asia
  • R&D service specialized in global fashion
Business Areas
Fashion OEM & ODM
We design and manufacture beautiful clothes for leading fashion brands and retailers globally. Specialized in delicate categories requiring skilled workmanship, we run lean & empowered organizations, focusing primarily on excellent manufacturing execution.
Medical & Corporate Uniforms
We design, manufacture, and deliver premium apparel to hospitals and corporations. Leveraging our global network and the scale of our operations, we are aiming to help organizations reduce overhead costs while improving the welfare of their workforce.
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